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Sheet Music


Each artist who worked with Myriad 4WARD and took advantage of their Post-Production services, benefited from their innovative ideas, and ended up with a successful product they could be proud of. Feel free to contact Myriad 4WARD to learn about this service and how it can enhance the power of your music.


Music Consulting

With exclusive licensing services, you can legally own and distribute your very own tunes. Record your next hit with the latest breakthrough technology. With Myriad 4WARD you can pick between working with vintage microphones or electronic mixing consoles. Take full advantage of the unbeatable quality of their Music Consulting services.

Editing & Post Production

Recording Sessions

Come record with Myriad 4WARD so they can help you shape your unique sound. By combining elements of various genres and styles, you’ll create something that’s truly original. Nothing sounds better than a track recorded with their professional Recording Sessions services.

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